Multi-paned glass windows, such as double-paned or even triple-paned windows are a standard in most of the higher quality windows. In fact, many of these double-paned windows have taken the place of older styles, such as single-paned glass and storm windows. In today’s article from Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration, a Dallas window cleaning and glass repair company, we’ll explore what double-paned glass is and how this style of window can benefit you. 

What is Double-Paned Glass?

Double-paned glass is a glass panel that is comprised of two layers of glass, separated by a void. In many cases, this void is filled with a gas, such as krypton or argon. These gas filled windows have a higher density, so temperature and sound passes through the gap less effectively, giving the windows much better insulation power.

Even windows with double-paned glass that does not have a gas fill can be more effective than a single-paned window, which provides only one obstacle for cold, heat or noise to pass through. The more layers that stand between the home’s interior and the outdoors results in better insulation power.

What are the Benefits of Double-Paned Windows?

Double-paned windows deliver a significant improvement in insulation power, which results in improved efficiency of up to 50% more when compared to single-paned windows. This can account for a significant cost savings when you consider that windows can impact as much as half of your home’s heating and cooling expenses. So in all, it can translate into a 25% reduction in heating and cooling bills.

Double-paned glass (and the improved insulating properties this type of window brings) can prevent the formation of “hot rooms” or “cold rooms,” which tend to form in many homes with older windows.

Double-paned windows also tend to be much quieter since the sound waves must pass through additional barriers before entering your home. So you may notice that the home is quieter, especially if you live near a busy roadway, airport or train.

Triple-paned windows are even more effective in terms of their insulating power, since there is one more layer of glass and one more layer of gas or air to pass through before the cold, heat or sound enters your home.

Virtually all modern double-paned windows also come with a special glass coating that prevents UV rays from penetrating into your home. This can reduce heat transfer from the outdoors, while also protecting carpeting, rugs, furniture, draperies and other items from sun fading.

The only real problem with double-paned windows is the potential for foggy glass, which can occur if the krypton or argon gas filled windows are damaged.

Squeaky Clean Windows Offers Glass Replacement Services in Dallas

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Squeaky Clean Windows Window Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas

Squeaky Clean Windows Window Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas

Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration is a window cleaning and glass repair company, serving clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas.

Our expert glass technicians are available to assist with residential and commercial window cleaning and repair projects.

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