Are you wondering “What’s causing my foggy windows?” Cloudy or foggy windows can be an annoying and confusing problem, especially when it only involves just one of your many windows (or even just a couple panes of a single window) So in today’s article from Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration, a Dallas window cleaning and glass repair company, we’ll explore why foggy windows occur and how to repair a foggy window in your home. 

What Causes Foggy Windows?

Foggy windows occur when the moisture in the air condenses, forming tiny droplets on the glass surface. Changes in temperature can cause the moisture to condense because cooler air is less effective at holding water.

Of course, reason dictates that if one of your home’s windows is foggy, then all of your home’s windows should have foggy glass since they’re all exposed to the same environment, right? Well, usually, this is true, except when the problem involves a damaged window that has double or triple panes of glass with a gas fill between the layers.

The problem of cloudy window glass occurs when the argon gas fill seeps out of the space between two panes of glass. Normally, the argon gas fill is denser than the ambient air and as such, it is more effective at insulting for sound and temperature. The gas also lacks humidity, so there is no risk of condensation (and thus, fog) forming.

But if one of the panes or the seal surrounding the pane is damaged, then the filler gas can seep out. Ambient air takes the place of the gas and if that air is humid with a high water content, then this damaged window or pane will be especially prone to cloudy glass.

When the air temperature drops, the moisture will condense in the space between the two panes of glass, resulting in foggy windows that cannot be wiped clean; you simply need to wait for the condensation to evaporate on its own. But this can be a time-consuming process because there is very little airflow in and out of the space between the layers of glass. So just one window or just one pane in a window can remain foggy, while the other windows or panes are clear.

This is what causes foggy windows.

How to Fix a Foggy Window

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to fix a foggy window on your own; you’ll need to hire a professional such as the team at the Dallas glass cleaning and window repair company, Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration.

You cannot simply re-fill the space between the two layers of glass, the entire pane must be repaired because you must fix the underlying leak that caused the argon gas to seep out in the first place.  Some windows have separate sections; in this case, you can just replace the affected section. Other windows have just one large, undivided area, and in this case, the entire pane will require repair.

The foggy window repair technicians at Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration will remove the affected window pane and it will be replaced with a pane that has a properly-sealed argon gas cavity. This will fix the problem of foggy, cloudy windows.


Squeaky Clean Windows Offers Glass Replacement Services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

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Squeaky Clean Windows Window Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas

Squeaky Clean Windows Window Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas

Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration is a window cleaning and glass repair company, serving clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas.

Our expert glass technicians are available to assist with residential and commercial window cleaning and repair projects.

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